Transmissions are complex — understanding the in’s and out’s of your vehicle’s transmission can be complicated. Milwaukee Transmission is here to help provide transmission services and answer any questions. Here are some FAQ’s

How often should I check my transmission fluid?

You should check your transmission fluid often. As a general rule, try and aim for a monthly check of all easily accessible fluids; transmission fluid, power steering, engine oil, brake fluid, etc. If you begin experiencing an issue with your transmission, such as hesitation when shifting, torque converter shutters, hard shifting, etc., check your fluid, make sure you’re not low on ATF (Automatic Transmission Fluid) then schedule to have your vehicle inspected by a Milwaukee Transmission repair facility.

How do I check the transmission fluid in my vehicle?

Most late-model vehicles that have an automatic transmission are fairly easy to check. Some transmissions need to be kept running when you check the fluid, some need to be placed in neutral. For specific steps on checking the transmission fluid in your car, truck or SUV, refer to the user manual — or contact us, and one of our ASE Certified Technicians will be happy to walk you through it.

How often should I change the transmission fluid and transmission filter?

Every vehicle’s transmission is different. Please refer to the owner manual or contact a dealership near you for manufacturer-specific recommendations.